Last Revised: January 11, 2022

                Application “Hopa“. (“Hopa”, “our”, “we” or “us”) is committed to respect the privacy and personal information of the users (“user” or “you”) in connection with the use of our mobile application.

            PRIVACY POLICY
                This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) outlines our practices with respect to the information we collect from you when you use the Service, and the manners in which we use such information.

            1. Analytics
                We only use “Google Analytics” to collect information about user visits, sessions and events, “Google Analytics” data is not linked to “you”.

            2. Cookies
                Cookies are small text files, they can be perceived as web page memory.

                What do we use cookie files for?
                • For application operation
                • For anonymous analytics
                • For authentication data
                • For advertising information